Spray Pump Battery Supplier in India

Spray Pump Battery Supplier in India

Farmers and spray manufacturers across the country are shifting to reliable and rechargeable lithium battery packs for their spray equipments. The lithium battery packs when use in agriculture equipments like Battery Sprayer Pump and Knapsack Sprayer Pump makes farming less hectic and offers continuous unblocked performance.

Generally, a spray equipment needs to work without stopping to ensure the chemical or fertilizer or herbicide is uniformly sprayed across crops. Overdosing or under application will have a huge impact on the farmers income. Understanding this, our engineers have designed the best rechargeable lithium battery which helps the sprayer pump to do the job seamlessly.

We are known as the top-class Spray pump battery supplier in India trusted for 100% quality. Apart from agriculture Spray pump our range of lithium battery packs are also used in sanitizing spray pumps, water pumps and various other applications.

Key features and benefits:

  • Extremely long life-span twice than normal battery pack
  • Constant and uniform pressure spray
  • Capacity to spray even 16 litre in one go
  • High energy density
  • Low maintenance
  • Better flow rate and quick pump activation
  • No requirement for priming
  • Ensure extreme safety even after longer running time
  • Can be charged at any time offering uninterrupted usage
  • Battery pack is compatible with all leading brand sprayers

Our spray pump battery packs are very space-efficient and light weighted. If you are looking for spray pump battery, choose our ranges of lithium battery pack which will offer compelling energy storage in nearly any situation. We are known as the dominant Spray pump battery supplier in India since our battery pack couple with your sprayer makes gardening and farming safe and enjoyable.

Contact us, and we will help you in the right fit of battery pack depending on your use case. Our battery pack makes high quality sprayer pumps that are handy, reliable, and efficient with long lasting performance guaranteed.