Medical Ventilator Battery Pack

Medical Ventilator Battery Pack

Jackvolt is the best manufacturer of medical ventilator battery pack in India ensuring performance, reliability and safety which are the most critical aspect in powering medical devices. We are looked upon for all needs of medical devices because of our proven track record. Besides servicing the fullest need of rechargeable ventilator batteries, we offer battery packs covering – digital imaging, patient monitoring, oxygen concentration, endoscopy, cardiopulmonary care and many more.

Our medical ventilator battery packs offer the following advantages:

  • Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet the medical standards of safety and security.
  • Certified product with improved quality and efficiency.
  • Product is smart, compact and easy to install and reassemble.
  • Power backup for long hours in full.
  • Capable of delivering high current.

At Jackvolt, the medical-related battery packs are precisely mass-produced by our specialized professional team. We ensure on-time delivery and assure our batteries are hazard free throughout the battery life.

With have the largest catalog of batteries for medical, surgical and diagnostic supplies available online. Just let us know your requirement and we can work out the best option of battery packs. We are an excellent option to consider for Medical Detachable Battery Packs.

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include 11V 15Ah Medical Ventilator Lithium Ion Battery Pack and 24V 5Ah Medical Ventilator Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

Powering medical devices needs utmost reliability and safety. This is why Jackvolt has designed the most trusted medical ventilator battery pack. While designing the lithium-ion battery pack premium performance with 100% guaranteed safety was taken as the fundamental goal. Today, we are the finest Medical equipment lithium ion battery pack manufacturer in India with a proven track record.

Key features and benefits:

  • Intelligent BMS developed and manufactured in-house
  • All battery packs designed with high-quality standards
  • High safety performance – special technology inbuilt to avoid any potential internal short circuit
  • Advanced thermal management system
  • Battery packs support high rate discharge
  • Fast charging capacity
  • Compact in design and lightweight
  • Different type of connectors is available for different applications
  • Suitable to operate in high and wide operating temperatures
  • Suit any medical device application

Whether someone is looking for a medical battery to supply power to the main source or a backup supply, our wide range of batteries ensures a complete power solution. Our engineer design battery in a way that safety is considered of paramount importance – offering 24x7 operation to all critical medical devices.   

As an expert in medical equipment lithium ion battery pack manufacturer in India, Jackvolt offers customers smart batteries and intelligent technology which runs without issues. Hence, this allows our customers to focus more on patients rather than worrying about battery maintenance or performance.

From the simplest to most complex medical devices, our lithium ion battery pack offers the most splendid performance. Customers across segments & medical applications covering ventilators, patient monitoring devices, cardiopulmonary care units, oxygen concentration and aspiration units use our rechargeable medical batteries. We completely believe in Security, Performance and Consistency when it comes to supplying batteries for medical applications.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you with the right standard or custom medical device lithium batteries at a reasonable price tag.

24V 5AH Medical Ventilator Lithium Ion Battery Pack

  • Country of Origin : Made in India
  • Battery Capacity : 5 AH
  • Voltage :24 V
  • Brand :JACKVOLT
  • Battery Type :Lithium-Ion
  • Usage/Application :Medical Ventilator

We are offering 24V 5AH Medical Ventilator Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

Additional Information :

  • Delivery Time: Depending on distance