Electric vehicle Battery

Electric vehicle Battery

A battery is a vital part of the electric vehicle. The entire performance of the vehicle depends on the right selection of battery. Using advanced lithium batteries which are an easy plug-in in electric vehicles can offer extended life and work nicely under extreme conditions.

We are the strongest brand in EV Battery manufacturer in India preferred by all Electric vehicle companies. We design and manufacture lithium battery packs for almost all types and ranges of e-vehicles available in the Indian and world market.

We follow the finest industry standard in designing and manufacturing battery packs for E vehicles. We offer guaranteed performance and efficiency with our battery packs. Hence, we are known as the best Electric vehicle battery pack supplier in India. Each cell that we have used in our battery system is designed to suit accurately well in the e-vehicle performance.

The Battery Management System designed by our engineers ensures an increased life cycle when compared to other lead acid batteries and other lithium battery suppliers. Our BMS is trusted by all major e-vehicle brands. The intelligent system used in our batteries defends them from overcharging, and over-discharge and ensures safe use.

We are the only electric vehicle battery supplier in India where our products are used across different applications -

  • Electric Cycles
  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Scooters
  • Electric Cars
  • Mini Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Go-karts
  • Electric automated Vehicles
  • E-rickshaws
  • Custom Electric Vehicles and many more

Key features and benefits of EV Battery:

  • Lightest batteries
  • High prompt power output
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Specially designed to handle high discharge currents
  • Fast charging and safe

We are the best Electric vehicle battery pack manufacturer in India. We provide proven safety, higher effectiveness, longer and more effective performance. Our Lithium Battery Packs for Two Wheelers, four wheelers are trusted by commercial battery traders, developers, research labs, e-vehicle manufacturers and individual clients. Apart from that, we offer solutions to discrete customers, who are looking for custom EV-specific vehicle battery packs.