Drones Camera battery

Drones Camera battery

We are the most reliable lithium ion battery supplier for varying robotic and drone applications. Known for solid performance our products are trusted by clients and business across India. When it comes to longer performance and longer flight time we are the best Drones camera lithium ion battery pack manufacturer in India. Our battery packs come with lower weight, sharper flexibility and rechargeable power supply making it an attractive option to use. Our range of lithium battery packs for drone usage comes with power quad copters with two communal chemistries - Lithium polymer (LiPO) and lithium polymer high voltage (LiHV). 

Key features and benefits:

  • Light weight and extremely durable offering long life-span
  • Perfect for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAV's ) and robots providing higher specific energy
  • Suitable in applications where weight is a critical feature – mobile devices, robotics, radio controlled drones, aircraft and toys
  • Engineered to operate in wide range of temperatures
  • Specially designed to handle high discharge currents
  • Fast charging and safe
  • Popular choice for long run times and high power


We are the best quality-driven Drones camera lithium ion battery pack manufacturer in India. Our engineers bring forth a vast variety of experience in manufacturing Lithium Batteries with exciting performance at a low price.

The most critical aspect in robots, toys and drones is the run time per charge. Customers tend to get irritated with requirement to change batteries or charging multiple times. Understanding this customer problem, our designers have modelled the superlative lithium ion battery pack which offer best output when fully recharged. 

Whether it is a battery pack for robotics, or digital equipments or especially drones camera, we are the most trusted and first choice for customers.