Making The Right Choice For Robot Battery Pack In India

Making The Right Choice For Robot Battery Pack In India
  • Jul 01, 2022

Making The Right Choice For Robot Battery Pack In India

A robot is made using numerous electronics and actuators. Each of its component is different and may require different voltage. This means that you will needs a combination of batteries, supplying various voltages to different parts of the robot. This makes finding a battery pack for these robots complicated task. Choosing one or more robot battery packs for your robot requires a long and well planned thought process.


Below is a simple guide to help you find the right robot Lithium battery pack manufacturer in India:


The thing is to choose between the most obvious two choices.


  • Multiple Battery pack
  • Single Battery Pack


There are advantages and disadvantages associated with both these options.


Advantages of using multiple battery pack is that the time required for designing these into the robot is less. Also, it can prove to be more efficient. However, using multiple battery packs would mean that different parts of the robot would stop functioning at different times. Recharging different batteries is yet another big disadvantage of using these battery packs.


Benefits of using a single lithium battery pack is that it is lighter in weight and easy to recharge. Disadvantages include the need for voltage regulator and understanding and wiring of the same is complex.


It is very important to understand both these options and compare them with your own requirements. There are robot battery pack manufacturers who offer customization services and that should be considered when choosing a battery pack.


Besides the above, when buying from a robot battery pack manufacturer, following details should be ascertained and taken into consideration before choosing multiple or single battery pack:


  • The nominal voltage of the battery pack. If the nominal rate of the pack matches the operating rate of the robot, the life of the battery would get enhanced.
  • The capacity of the battery pack will directly affect the performance of the same.
  • The time taken for complete battery charging is also an important factor to consider.
  • The discharge rate is equally important and affect the downtime of the battery.
  • Type of battery - This is another important factor. There are many different types of batteries for robots that are being sold by robot battery pack manufacturers. We have Alkaline batteries which are non-rechargeable in nature, then we have Nickel-metal Hydride batteries which can be recharged and give a voltage of 1.2v, we have lead acid batteries which are cheap and require no maintenance, Lithium ion batteries are easily available and offer high capacity, and finally lithium polymer batteries which are lightweight and give high capacity.


After carefully considering all of the above factors and comparing it with the requirements of robot, the choice for buying a battery pack for robots should be made.