Jackvolt An Undeniably Soundest Energy Storage for Solar Cleaning Robots

Jackvolt An Undeniably Soundest Energy Storage for Solar Cleaning Robots
  • Jun 10, 2022

Jackvolt An Undeniably Soundest Energy Storage for Solar Cleaning Robots

Cleaning solar panels allows owners to maximize generation on rooftop panels by maintaining the panels' surface. Using a solar panel cleaning robot can reduce the cost of cleaning solar panels by up to 95% using a solar panel cleaning robot instead of manual cleaning. It also, eliminates the risk of damaged solar panels. 


Jackvolt, a Solar panel cleaning robots batteries manufacturer, understands this. That is why we offer robust performance and long-life batteries that can face demanding conditions used by professional cleaning machines to clean solar panels. 


Professionally Qualified Service - Jackvolt: 


Ø  At the Standard of its Kind: 


At Jackvolt, we differ with our "Better, Stronger, Last Longer" motto in that we aim to exceed industry standards by insisting on founding everything on higher quality and more durable foundations. 


Ø  Harsh Environments:


Jackvolt is a leader in energy storage for solar cleaning robots. Our batteries are designed to withstand the harsh environment of exterior cleaning and last for years. We produce our products with high grade and durability, so you can rest assured learning your robot will be up and operating for years to come.


Ø  Higher Density:


Lithium-ion batteries for solar panel cleaning robots have a higher energy density so that they can power your cleaning robot for longer. That means more time cleaning and less time charging!


Ø  Economical and cost-effective batteries: 


Jackvolt's batteries are significantly cheaper than the current market prices. This more affordable battery solution allows the many solar panel cleaning robots currently on the market to be less expensive and more cost-effective.


Ø  Power Edge:


 Jackvolt lithium-ion batteries are twofold as strong as the lead-acid batteries they replace, and they offer more run time, peak current, and charge faster. It makes sure to grow the capacities of your robots. 



What makes Jackvolt's solar panel cleaning robot batteries the best in the industry: 


u  Our batteries are designed to be charged and discharged cyclically to ensure energy is stored efficiently.

u  Their high operating in extreme temperatures allows them to work in high temperatures without losing performance.

u  Our batteries are 100% compatible with the existing Solar panel cleaning robots. This means that a solar panel cleaning robot owner can replace its existing batteries with our batteries without having to replace its robots.

u  These are fast-charging and durable and are more environmentally friendly.

u  High-quality, reliable battery + cost-effective robot = More effective cleaning, increased productivity and increased earnings.


Save your Solar Panels free from dirt with solar panel cleaning robot batteries:


At Jackvolt, we value our customers' peace of mind. We consistently ensure that all anticipations are outshined with the grade and longevity of our creations. Our batteries will help your solar panels function at their very best. We provide high energy density, a long lifespan, and safe operation at different temperatures. If you want quality batteries and related products, don't hesitate to contact us now!