How Are The Challenges Of Manufacturing Lithium Ion Battery Is Affecting The Market

How Are The Challenges Of Manufacturing Lithium Ion Battery Is Affecting The Market
  • Mar 15, 2023

How Are The Challenges Of Manufacturing Lithium Ion Battery Is Affecting The Market

We can all agree that people now understand the significance of protecting the environment better than ever and that is why the demand for lithium-ion battery manufacturers in India has increased in recent times. One of the answers that came to me was electrifying vehicles, especially automobiles. In the future, more than 80% of all vehicles on the road are anticipated to be electric automobiles. 

But the production of Lithium-ion batteries comes with certain challenges also.

What are the challenges of Lithium-ion battery production?

There are numerous difficulties faced by lithium-ion battery manufacturers as well, not just in the design of lithium batteries. Let us examine each one separately:

  1. Supply Chain Challenges:

The following are a few examples of supply chain challenges, one of the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers face:

  1. Lithium Cells Import: India cannot manufacture lithium cells, therefore it must import them. The firms that make battery packs import the cells from China or other countries. It would not be inaccurate to state that imports are the entire foundation of the Indian EV industry.

  2. BMS Import: The BMS is a crucial component of the lithium battery. Yet regrettably, the manufacture of BMS is being hampered by a demand and supply mismatch caused by the global lack of semiconductors. Once more, imports make up more than 90% of the BMS.

This demonstrates that imports currently make up the majority of the Indian lithium battery market. Jackvolt, one of the best Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in Noida is focused on developing lithium-ion batteries.

b. Logistic Issues

The COVID-19 epidemic has exacerbated supply chain issues. Due to the worsening economic climate, sustainability is becoming more crucial. Supply chain management is a topic that is more popular than ever. What challenges will supply chains face in the upcoming year? What can we therefore expect?

We, at Jackvolt, one of the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers highlight the challenges we face.

The three points below can help you understand the logistical difficulties.

  1. The COVID epidemic caused unprecedented strains on worldwide supply networks, as well as a series of lockdowns and limitations that varied in time and severity from country to country. This was the first, and maybe most obvious, too many of us.

  2. Second, because the Suez Canal transmits 8% of liquefied natural gas and over one million barrels of oil daily, the blockade last year affected 12% of global trade.

  3. Finally, there is growing awareness of how supply chain and logistics operations affect the environment. If governments want to meet their carbon goals and commitments, they must implement more environmentally friendly supply chain procedures.

All of these factors have increased freight costs, which is further impacting the cost of the materials used to make lithium batteries.


Despite facing challenges in battery production, Jackvolt has come a long way ahead to be counted as one of the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers. No matter what the challenges are, we will continue to fight the odds and strengthen our position in the market.