Go On a Carefree Ride with Your Electric Bike

Go On a Carefree Ride with Your Electric Bike
  • May 11, 2022

Go On a Carefree Ride with Your Electric Bike

One of the most favorable endeavors globally is that electric motors. And why not? They are clean, efficient and easy to use. Electric bikes have become quite a standard nowadays, and people embrace them as a suitable mode of transportation. If you want your bike to be efficient, it is better to replace its existing battery with a modern lithium battery manufactured by Jackvolt.


Jackvolt, the finest electric bike lithium battery manufacturer, provides best in class batteries. Our Electric Bike Lithium Batteries are designed with the latest technology to provide exceptional power and reliability. The company offers a wide range of electric bike batteries for different types of bikes. Some of the batteries that we offer are:


The 48V Lithium Battery Pack

Jackvolt's 48V lithium-ion battery packs are an excellent choice for e-bike riders looking to replace the stock lead-acid battery in their bike.


·         It is compact, lightweight, and has a great capacity, which means you'll be able to go for longer distances without recharging your battery less frequently.

·         The main characteristics are its high power density, lower weight, and small dimensions.

·         These battery packs feature advanced shielding electronics to maintain you secure from overcharging, over-discharge and short-circuit damage.

·         It comes in different capacities and can be used to replace your conventional lead-acid battery.


Jackvolt's 60V Lithium Battery Pack:


Jackvolt's 60V Lithium Battery Pack is a light, high-energy-density battery pack designed specifically for electric bikes. This cell uses the same technology found in higher capacity batteries designed to power electronic devices.


·         These batteries have a 60V with different battery capacities and are made up of lithium cells with high energy density and a long lifespan, which is an excellent replacement for most bikes.

·         It is a highly efficient and safe battery pack capable of more frequent charging cycles and elevated power densities than lead-acid battery packs.

·         It is suitable for E-Bikes and countless other applications demanding a high-power battery.


The 72V Lithium battery pack by Jackvolt:


Jackvolt's 72V Lithium battery pack features a 35Ah capacity and a Nominal Voltage of 72V. It has been designed for electric bike use, allowing users to get more out of their bikes without compromising performance and safety.


·         These lithium battery packs are engineered to maximize performance and efficiency.

·         Each cell in the battery pack is designed to prevent the batteries from becoming damaged due to overcharging or physical damage (from mishandling).

·         The packs have been specifically designed and manufactured to be the ideal power source for your e-bike.


We supply and manufacture the best grade battery pack to provide you with power for your electric bike. With us, you can utilize these batteries without bothering about range anxiety, as our 72V battery pack can deliver you a superb range.


Manufacturing long-lasting and reasonable range of batteries:


Our company has been in this industry for years and has developed a vast customer base due to its high-quality product and affordable price tag. Our electric bike batteries are on the cutting edge of electric bike battery innovation. We are delivering the best value for their customers.


Our company has taken electric bike concern into account and produced a high-quality, durable battery that makes your ride safe and reliable. With superior technology and quality, our products are designed to meet the requirements of electric bikes.